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“Posmodula” with Bohinj minced lard

(Bled) swan magnet

100% natural sheep wool knitted hat

100% natural sheep wool knitted socks

1906 soup

A bottle of health

A jar of “chokebeet”

A pinch of happiness - a gift package containing salt with dried herbs in a wooden container

A pinch of happiness - salt with dried herbs

A. Rikli: Water-air-light collection


Andrec's happiness – fruit wine

Andrejček’s juice

Apple juice

Birds on stained glass

Black apple – home-made chokeberry and apple marmalade

Blackcurrant magic – dried fruit purée

Bled Cheese

Bled cream cake

Bled honey

Bled local selection at the Julijana restaurant

Bled Tarot Cards

Chokeberry juice

Chokeberry magic powder

Chokeberry's kiss

Dry “Tepke” pears potica

Dry apple slices

Garden flower - a gift package containing a herbal tea blend with a hand-made mug

Garden flower - blended herbal tea

Goddess’s grace – blended herb tea

Goldhorn’s secret – blended herb tea

Gorenjska meat products and local cheese

Hazelnut “potica” cake with figs from Bled Island

Hemp tea from under Jelovica

Hint of slices

Honey spoons

Hot apple – hot chilli sauce

Jakob’s vinegar

Jellied cold-smoked trout

Jonagold Apples

Julka’s spread

Kitchen utensils

Knight Lambergar

Knitted booties

Knitted socks

Let’s connect

Neža’s dreams – fruit wine

Nežka’s roast beef

Original Bled cream cake

Paradise backpacks, purses and cases

Paradise magnet

Pear-pomace rolls


Pr Taufo - House egg pasta

Princ brandies

Princ juices

Princ marmalades

Princ syrup

Product line: Bled pairs

Product line: Bled's bird of paradise

Quince candy – dried cooked fruit purée

Raspberry magic – dried fruit purée

Souvenir in the form of a peacock & a horse

Spring freshness - herbal iced tea

Strawberry marmalade

The Gorje bell

Tinkara’s jelly

Tr'glav - Tepkovec brandy

Violet symphony – honey with dry chokeberry

Walnut and chocolate noodles


Zakistar flip flops