Three days in Bled

Three days in Bled is just the right amount of time to see a lot of beautiful places and sights, to enjoy authentic local food and create memories that will last forever. We have prepared a guide with suggestions and instructions on how to spend three days in Bled and which attractions and adventures you should not miss.


Day 1: Experience the charms of Bled’s most famous sights


Bled island FotoTomaz Sedej© Tomaž Sedej

One of the first things most visitors to Bled want to do is visit Bled Island. You can get there by the famous traditional boat called “pletna”, where experienced boaters take you, whereas lovers of recreation can rent a wooden boat and row to the island themselves. There you will be greeted by the picturesque Church of the Mother of God on the Lake, which can be reached by 99 stone steps. High above the nave, you can ring the wishing bell, which is believed to grant hidden wishes, then climb the 52-metre-high bell tower to admire the workings of the mechanical oscillation clock. Be sure to stop at the Cake Bakery and try one of the many traditional “potica” cakes that are prepared there daily.

Bled cream cake boris pretnar© Boris Pretnar

Upon landing back on the shore of Lake Bled, you can stop for a good lunch in one of the top restaurants that specialise in preparing dishes from authentic local products. You can choose one that has earned the recognition from the famous culinary guide Gault & Millau or even one that is featured in the world-renowned Michelin Guide. On one of the hotel terraces, you can also try the famous Bled cream cake or the so called “Cremeschnitte”, which is a famous dessert made from dough, vanilla cream and whipped sweet cream.

Ojstrica Bled© Jošt Gantar

After this refreshment, you will have just the right energy to go on a 6-kilometre walk around Lake Bled. Well-kept paths are easily accessible and suitable even for families with small children and strollers. When you arrive at Camp Zaka, you can follow a marked path that leads through the forest and takes you on a short but steep 20-minute ascent to mount Ojstrica. At the end, you will be rewarded with an exceptional view and a romantic bench from where you can observe Lake Bled, the castle and the charming Karavanke mountain range in the background.


Day 2: Time to explore the beauty of nature


Vintgar Gorge Bridge© Jošt Gantar

After a hearty breakfast, when you treat yourself to some of the typical local food products labelled Bled Local Selection, it’s time to explore the natural sights. You can visit one of the more picturesque gorges – Vintgar, which was carved out by the Radovna river. On the circular educational trail you will be able to admire playful rapids, waterfalls and mysterious pools, and you can also stop by the mighty 13-metre-high Šum waterfall. The trail is not demanding and is also suitable for families with children.

Pokljuska soteska Jost Gantar© Jošt Gantar

In the off-season, when Vintgar is closed, you can instead explore the Pokljuka Gorge, famous for being the largest fossil gorge in Slovenia. Lush forests, natural bridges, caves and narrow passages between steep walls await you there. In rainy weather, you can also admire a 22-metre-high waterfall.

Juha 1906© Boris Pretnar

For lunch, we recommend that you visit one of the gastronomic providers holding the Bled Local Selection certificate and try local specialities such as the jellied cold-smoked trout, the Hom flat cake, the 1906 soup, Nežka’s roast beef and many others

Bled Castle photo Vizualist© Vizualist

In the afternoon, set out to explore the oldest Slovenian castle – Bled Castle, proudly perched on a cliff overlooking Lake Bled. Explore the castle museum, which is full of interesting things, and visit the castle chapel, printing works, wine cellar and finish the tour by visiting the souvenir shop, where you can also purchase nice gifts.

St Martin Church Bled© Jošt Gantar

Another of Bled's attractions that you should not miss is the parish church of St. Martin, where you can admire the works of the greatest Slovenian names in the field of architecture and art. Inside there are magnificent frescoes painted by the academic painter Slavko Pengov, and you can also admire the garden signpost in front of the church, designed by the greatest Slovenian architect – Jože Plečnik. You will have plenty of opportunities to take amazing photos and enrich your knowledge of the past.


Day 3: Spend an active day surrounded by scenic nature


Fijaker riding aroud Bled© Jošt Gantar

Your last day here should be filled with adrenaline, laughter and new experiences. You can visit mount Straža, where a summer sledding run operates, and sled down the slopes of the isolated mountain with a view of the lake, whereas in winter you can indulge in the joys of snow in the same location. A ride in a real, traditional “fijaker” horse-drawn carriage, where a driver in a traditional uniform, recognisable from afar by its characteristic colours and motifs, takes you on a panoramic ride, will surely remain an unforgettable memory. You can also spend part of the day hiking or cycling in remote corners, where you can indulge in a romantic atmosphere or reawaken your exploratory spirit.

Priprava in peka potice na Blejskem otoku Boris Pretnar© Boris Pretnar

For all those who want to end their visit to Bled satisfied and with full stomachs, there are also unique gastronomic experiences with the Bled Local Selection certificate. You can choose from a wide range of activities, such as the Bled cooking course, Experience with a beekeeper, From the most beautiful “tepka” pear to the Tr’glav brandy, Preparing and baking the “potica” cake on the Bled Island and Guided adventure through the Enchanted Forest.


Regardless of what schedule you create and what you want to experience, Bled will not disappoint you. It offers unforgettable experiences and activities for everyone, so you can visit it year-round, with family, in good company, or alone. We are sure that Bled will be one of those destinations that you will undoubtedly want to visit again and again.

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