Have a romantic break in Bled in two

Have an unforgettable romantic vacation.

Enjoy pools with a view of the heavenly landscape of Bled.

Bled_velnes_Jost_Gantar_MALA (1)© Jošt Gantar

The warmth of saunas will warm your body and a massage will take away the stress. 

Bled_velnes_Jost_Gantar_MALA (4)© Jošt Gantar

Enjoy culinary delights in a variety of restaurants in Bled.

Restavracija-1906-Dean-Dubokovic-2.jpg© Dean Dubokovič
Sweeten your love with the Bled cream cake.

Bled_kremsnita_Jost_Gantar_MALA© Jošt Gantar

Enjoy a romantic carriage ride around Lake Bled.

Bled_jesenske_Jost_Gantar_MALA (27).jpg© Jošt Gantar
Visit Bled Castle and look back in the past.

Bled_jesenske_Jost_Gantar_MALA (32).jpg© Jošt Gantar

Ride by "pletna" or other boat to Bled Island and ring the wishing bell.

Bled_jesenske_Jost_Gantar_VELIKA (8)© Jošt Gantar
Care for a walk? Go ahead, there are many walking paths!

Bled_jesenske_Jost_Gantar_MALA (40).jpg© Jošt Gantar

Bled Ice-Skating Rink with a view or the Ice Hall? A tough choice for skating buffs.

Bled_drsanje_Jost_Gantar.jpg© Jošt Gantar
Do you like to be active? Summer and winter sports – Bled has many things to offer!

Straža_Bled_Jošt_Gantar_MALA (38).jpg© Jošt Gantar

And finally: there can never be too much romance – take a photo in front of the Bled Heart!

Zimska-pravljica-srcek-Miro-Zalokar© Miro Zalokar