Visit Bled with your dog

Bled with a dog© Jošt Gantar

Bring your pet and have an active day in Bled and its picturesque surroundings.

Bled offers many options for walking in nature with your pet friend. But, to ensure that your pet does not cause any inconveniences, keep it on a leash and under your control at all times. There are many dog waste bins along walking paths, so please use them.

You can also take your dog around the lake or on a hike through Vintgar Gorge. Bled Castle is also pet-friendly, since your pet can explore all outdoor areas around the castle.

Dogs are also welcome on Bled Island, where you can ride by pletna boat, if other passengers agree, of course. Explore outdoor buildings on the island, walk along the path on the island and enjoy a tasty "potica" on the terrace of Potičnica.

In summer, Kavarna Park also has culinary splendours for dogs, because it offers dog ice-cream, some cafés and restaurants around Bled offer dog water bowls so they can quench their thirst. 

While walking, your dogs can swim in the lake, but outside the official bathing areas.

Take your pet and visit the Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre and enjoy in the photo exhibition of the images of Gorenjska and Triglav National Park, where you can find inspiration for your next trip.

Dogs can unfortunately not be taken on buses. You can bring smaller animals to buses as hand luggage, but only if they are kept in suitable baskets so that they do not disturb other passengers. Additional information about transporting pets on public transport means can be found on

Some taxis in Bled accept dogs, but please make sure that you order a pet-friendly taxi.

A veterinarian is available in Lesce, 6 kilometres from Bled, where you can also find a pet shop. For emergency cases outside the working hours of the urgent care center call the hotline: +386 51 645 409.

If you want to go on a tour but cannot bring your pet with you, then you can leave it at a dog hotel in Kranj, where the hotel services providers will take great care of it. Grooming is also not a problem – take your puppy to Zlata Kost dog salon in Bled.


Pet-friendly accommodation

There are several accommodation providers that also accept pets. We recommend you not to leave your pet alone in the room.


Pet-friendly hospitality services providers