Why is Bled one of the greenest destinations?

Upon visiting one of the greenest destinations on the planet we must bear responsibility.

Bled is a destination with a sustainable development vision

For several years now, Bled has been advocating green tourism and is the proud recipient of the gold label of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. As part of the 2019 Green Destinations international non-governmental project, Bled was selected as the second best place in sustainable development in Europe, and since 2008 it is member of the Alpine Pearls group, the objective of which is to promote sustainable mobility.

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Residents of Bled are sustainability-oriented and are committed to environmentally-friendly conduct, for this reason visitors are also expected to place the least possible burden on nature, the cultural heritage and locals, who will be grateful for their effort, with their conduct.

In order to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum, we introduced sustainable transportation in and around Bled. You may park in one of the marked parking areas and then use sustainable transportation services. For further information about sustainable mobility and schedule of vehicles with a lower carbon footprint visit map.e-bled.si.

In order to preserve a genuine, green environment we all have to contribute with our best efforts. As visitors of Bled you may contribute with your conduct by walking only on designated paths, thus not leaving traces that damage the soil.



In addition to this, you can also avoid excessive use of plastic while staying in Bled. Why buy water in plastic bottles when tap water in Bled is just as drinkable as anywhere else in Slovenia? You may get water from any tap and water fountain dispersed around Bled. You may find their locations on this map: 


Bled drinking fountain Maja Pancur© Maja Pančur

By reducing waste we can significantly contribute to preserving the intact nature, while disposing of inevitable waste in designated bins according to waste separation guidelines.  

By bathing in the lake we can destroy its flora, which has an important role in the broader lake ecosystem. For this reason it is important that you only bathe in public baths and not along the entire coast of the lake.

Castle bathing area Bled Jost Gantar© Jošt Gantar

Locals love their area and know it best, that’s why they can tell you a lot of interesting facts about it. What they expect from you is to respect them and their private property and to not cause disturbances.

Tourism Bled and the Bled Tourist Association jointly organised the Ask me I’m local project. Locals turn into guides for eight hours a day, offering basic information to guests and visitors about a destination in the summer season in the area of the Lakeside promenade. You may ask them about Bled sights and attractions, good restaurants and inns and transport connections. They can also inform you about proper conduct and behaviour while visiting green Bled.

project Ask me I am local Bled

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