Accessible tourism – for people with special needs

Various sites in Bled are adapted so that they are accessible to the disabled and invite you to have a wonderful time.

Some sights in Bled are still not accessible for wheelchairs, including Bled Castle and Vintgar Gorge. If you are able to stand up from the wheelchair and make a few steps, then you can ride the pletna boat to Bled Island. But, it is almost impossible to take a person on a wheelchair up the steep hill on the island.

Asphalt road along Bled Lake is suitable for wheelchairs. You can visit the centre of Bled, walk under Bled Castle to Velika Zaka. There you come to an unpaved road, which is not appropriate for wheelchairs. Admire the beautiful Bled Lake and the views of the castle and island. Learn about people that have marked Bled while viewing various monuments, see the famous Bled villas with an interesting history.

Vila Zlatorog Jost Gantar© Jošt Gantar

Stop at Kavarna Park and splurge to a new height by tasting the original Bled cream cake.

You can access Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre on a wheelchair, where you can visit the interesting photo exhibition about Gorenjska and Triglav National Park. The info centre also features many natural beauties of the region and local products. See an inspiring documentary in the multi media room to complete your experience.

This excellent experience can also be a very informative one. The study beehive which is also accessible for wheelchairs shows you the life of bees. You can also try different home made bee products.

beekeeping Bled Jost Gantar© Jošt Gantar

Dornk tourist farm has an extensive ethnological collection that shows the rural life in the past. It also exhibits beautiful embroidery and ceramics as well as old rural tools that were used for various chores. Taste local delicacies, including the rural lunch or dessert in the company of home made juices and other beverages.

Use your car to visit the surrounding villages and relax in the peaceful village life. Visit many churches along the way and learn about Slovenian cultural heritage. Stop at Church of St Catherine near Zasip, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

The scenic surroundings of Bled also offer interesting activities that are suitable for wheelchairs. Take a cable car to Vogel in Bohinj and get to 1535 metres above sea level, where you can admire the exceptional view of Lake Bohinj. If you want to boost your adrenaline, try the zipline in Planica and experience real ski jumping. Ride towards the centre of Slovenia and relax at Arboretum Volčji Potok, among the tulips, seasonal flowers, roses and water lilies.

bohinj vogel© Dražen Štader, Produkcija Studio,

Parking for people with disabilities

If disability badge is properly displayed on the wind shield, you can park at any designated disability parking space across Bled. These car parks have no time limitation and are free of charge.

Toilets adapted to people with disabilities

Public toilets, accessible for persons on wheelchairs, are located at Festival Hall, under the spectator stands at Velika Zaka, at Bled Sport Hall and Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre during working hours.


Accommodation adapted to people with disabilities >

Most hotels and some private rooms and apartments in Bled are adapted to people with disabilities. In order to book a room, contact directly the accommodation service and ask for a room that is adapted to disabled persons on wheelchairs.


Restaurants and inns accessible for people in wheelchairs >