Tips for a family break in Bled and its surroundings

The best adventures are those experienced together as a family.

Family visiting Bled in winter© Jošt Gantar

Straža offers many activities that you can enjoy as families. In warmer months, you can try summer sledding. You can also visit the Zaka Fun Park, which is the largest trampoline park in Slovenia.

In summer, swimming is the best activity. You can visit the natural Castle Bathing Area with pools with lake water and slides.

Castle bathing area Bled Jost Gantar© Jošt Gantar, Infrastruktura Bled

Discover interesting activities offered on Bled Castle. You can print your own paper at the Bled Castle Printing Works, or taste various types of local honey at the castle beehive.

Take the tourist train or horse carriage around Lake Bled and observe the birds flying above you.

Ride to the island on the traditional pletna boat, wooden boat or rent your own boat and paddle to the island.

Bled a boat on the lake Jost Gantar© Jošt Gantar

Then ring the wishing bell and make a wish. Climb to the church bell tower, where you can admire the magnificent view of the alpine landscape and see the functioning of the large oscillating tower clock mechanism every 15 minutes.

If you want to spend an active vacation, choose one of many sport activities in Bled and its surroundings.

Have an exciting time and boost your competitive spirit by trying the mini golf course, which is a fun and popular activity in warm months of the year.

Why not head for a walk on one of the many family theme paths? You will have a great time there and even learn something new.

Family thematic path Enchanted forest oto zan© Oto Žan

If your family is interested in exotic animals, the “Magical beasties” exhibition is perfect for you.

You like solving puzzles? What about time pressure? Become a real detective in one of the escape rooms in Bled and try to save yourselves from a locked room.

Visit the study beehive where you can observe and learn about the life of bees and watch them work. You can also view the picturesque beehive decorative panels and try homemade bee products.

beekeeper and children beehive jost gantar© Jošt Gantar,


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