Šum Waterfall

A very interesting river waterfall offering a view from two perspectives.

Šum Waterfall that is located at the end of Vintgar Gorge, is one of the three river waterfalls in Slovenia. It is hidden in a high jug-shaped basin and makes a deep pool. It is the highest river waterfall in Slovenia, since it has a 13-metre high water drop of the Radovna River. It emerged between a resistant and poorly resistant stone, and it has been moving backwards through rear erosion. Although the waterfall has water all through the year, most water can be seen in spring and autumn, when it rains more than in other seasons.

The waterfall can be viewed from a wooden bridge and a wooden platform below the waterfall. After visiting the waterfall you can walk through Vintgar Gorge and view the galleries and other natural beauties along the trail.


  • View the longest Slovenian river waterfall.
  • Climb above the waterfall and see it from a bird's perspective.
  • Extend your tour and walk through Vintgar Gorge.