Summer tobogganing

Young or adult – all in love with adrenaline! Ride down the summer chute and enjoy the bold ride.

Summer sledding on the Straža ski slope is routed along the FIS route, down the double chair lift line.

The sledding route is arranged over a very interesting terrain and offers splendid view of Bled, Bled Castle, Lake Bled and the countryside of Bled. The selected route ensures an interesting ride and takes care for an appropriate measure of adrenaline.

Some technical facts:
Length of the track: 520 m
Altitude difference: 131 m
Speed: max 40 km/h
Average Inclination: 25,2%

Must-drive fast
Can you still remember your childhood times when you used to sled down the white slopes and compete with your friends? Fulfil your childhood fantasies with summer sledding on Straža.