Rowing and boating

Perfect recreation with a long and recognized tradition in Bled.

Lake Bled with its beautiful surroundings, is ideal for this water sport since it provides all the natural elements it requires.

During the post-war years, Bled developed into an important site for rowing sports and is today one of the world´s most renown rowing centres - with, perhaps, the most beautiful course anywhere. Many national and international regattas have been organised here, including four World Championships (1966, 1979, 1989 and 2011). In addition to medals won at world chanpionships, Bled oarsmen brought home medals from the Olympics where Slovenia first competes as a soverign state - Barcelona 1992.

Every year, numerous regattas are held the traditional 1st May regatta, the International Regata in June and the National Championship in September.

Visitors can rent a boat from more spots around the lake and take their own trip to the island and around the lake...

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