Vintgar Gorge

Experience the most unspoilt nature of Bled and enjoy in the unmissable scenery of the gorge.

Vintgar Gorge, carved by Radovna River, is located near Gorje, approximately 4 kilometres north-west from Bled. The 1.6-kilometre long gorge is carved amidst the glorious vertical walls of Hom and Boršt hills, and it is highlighted by the Radovna River and its waterfalls, pools and rapids. A study trail runs across the gorge and the wooden bridges as well as Žumer galleries, which ends with the mighty 13 metres high Šum river waterfall, one of the three river waterfalls in Slovenia. Vintgar Gorge is the nearest point to entering Triglav National Park from Bled. 

Origin of the name

According to one version, the name Vintgar originates from the German name Weingarten – according to the vineyards in the nearby Podhom; another story says that the name origins from the shape of the gorge, resembling a wine glass. Other similar gorges in Slovenia also got their names after Bled Vintgar, i.e. Iški vintgar, Ribniški vintgar in Srednja vas in Bohinj, and Bistriški vintgar near Slovenske Konjice.

Discovery of the gorge

Vintgar Gorge was discovered in 1891 by photographer Benedikt Lergetporer and Gorje mayor and cartographer Jakob Žumer. It was impassable and inaccessible in its natural form, but due to the tourist development of Bled, more than 500 metres of bridges and galleries were built in 1893 and the gorge was regulated and open for public. Galleries are called after the person who discovered the gorge, Žumer, thus they are called Žumer Galleries; a plaque is also visible at a rock wall to commemorate him.
Due to its natural beauty, Vintgar has been ranked among the most important tourist sights in Slovenia, the number of visitors has been increasing every year.

© Jošt Gantar

Bohinj Railway Bridge

Vintgar also features two very interesting elements built by man. The dam, from where the water runs to the small Vintgar hydro power plant below Šum, and the stone arch bridge of the Bohinj railway, built in 1905, which crosses the 53 metres wide gorge 33.5 metres above the path. If you are lucky you can see the train driving across the bridge, while you are visiting the gorge.


  • Walk through the gorge and admire waterfalls, pools, erosion pots and other masterpieces of nature.
  • See the Šum Waterfall from the upper and lower panoramic platform.
  • Admire the stone bridge of the Bohinj Railway and wait for the train.

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