Pokljuška soteska Gorge

Discover the natural features of the Pokljuška soteska Gorge in their greatness.

The wild Pokljuška soteska Gorge is located in Triglav National Park, not far from Bled. It enthuses with a forest dappled with diverse vegetation, steep walls, natural bridges, holes, caves and narrow passages between 50 metres long walls. The gorge itself is 2 kilometres long and 40 metres deep in its most picturesque part. The water running from the glacier, which is now the influx to Radovna, carved the gorge in the limestone rocks approximately 10,000 years ago. The water slowly disappeared thus leaving behind the largest fossil gorge in Slovenia.

The gorge is now open for visitors and paths are now regulated to reach the most beautiful main part of the gorge. A circular trail runs through the gorge enabling you to see this beautiful feature in all its glory. The main path runs along the bottom of the gorge, the side path turns to the edges of the gorge which is connected to Zatrnik. Natural sights are densely scattered in the entire Pokljuka Gorge. The gorge overwhelms visitors with a 22 metres high waterfall, Pokljuška luknja and a large natural bridge stretching 24 metres above the ground, as well as tight and rounded plains called "vrtci" by the local people. A hike through the narrowest part is a special experience since it leads us to the most beautiful part and a small natural bridge along the wooden bridges – galleries. A path leads us above the galleries over the partisan pass, the only transversal pass across the deep gorge. Despite the fact that the gorge mostly contains stone, there are various plants growing on the ground and rocky walls, from ferns to forest and mountain flowers.

© Jošt Gantar

Pokljuška luknja

The most popular passable cave tunnel of the Pokljuška soteska Gorge is a spacious rock cave with a sunken ceiling called Pokljuška luknja. This cave has two entrances and three natural windows. The old trail to the meadows of Pokljuka and to the Pokljuka plateau runs through the gorge.


  • Walk through the Pokljuška soteska Gorge and enjoy in the sounds of nature.
  • Be mindful of the surroundings and rest your eyes in the magical greens of the forest.
  • See the amazing galleries, Pokljuška luknja and the natural bridge.

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