Top 10 hidden corners around Bled you may not know

Bled is one of the most popular Slovenian tourist destinations, it is therefore almost impossible to think of discovering hidden corners that are not widely known. However, this is far from the case. Visiting the Bled Island, walking around the lake, stopping at the Bled Castle and riding a pletna boat are certainly things worth experiencing. But this time, by presenting ten hidden corners in the surrounding area of Bled we want to invite you to a truly special adventure, far away from crowds and tourist hustle and bustle. You will be rewarded with photogenic views and with the chance to explore amazing gifts of nature that will leave your breathless.


1. Visit the Stan hill above Bled


Stan Bled© Anja Kikelj

Do you want to enjoy silence, without hordes of tourists and crowds, but you are tempted by the charming views offered by popular ascents to mounts Osojnica or Ojstrica, for example? Then we recommend that on your next visit of Bled you take a trip to the Stan hill, which is better known by locals and only by a few tourists. To reach the top you will need approximately 30 minutes on foot starting at the Bled railway station in the direction toward Velika Zaka. Part of the path runs above a steep slope, cautiousness is therefore recommended. A scenic view of the wider area awaits you on top, including Bled attractions, we are therefore convinced that you will happily return to Stan in the future.

Hiking trail: Following the trails of Arnold Rikli - Ridge behind Pasji hrbet – Arnold's heights >


2. Enjoy the ascent to the Rčitna mountain pasture


Rčitno Bled© Anja Kikelj

The picturesque mid-range Rčitna mountain pasture spreads above Lake Bled on the Pokljuka plateau and is the ideal destination for all those who enjoy peace and want to fill their lungs with the scent of vast forests. In the past, the path to Rčitno was intended mainly for mowing and hauling timber from Pokljuka woods. Vast pastures, where cattle and sheep graze, spread on the top. It is also a popular destination for mountain bikers, horse riders and hikers. During summer months we recommend that you hike to Rčitna when you want to have an idyllic family trip in the middle of an intact nature and far away from crowds.

Hiking trail: Following the trails of Arnold Rikli - Ridge behind Pasji hrbet – Arnold's heights >

Cycling route: Shepherd's Trail >


3. Podhomski rob vantage point


Podhomski rob Zasip© Anja Kikelj

Due to its uniqueness, Lake Bled with its island adorns numerous covers and postcards for a reason. If you too want to immortalise this piece of heaven, but you do not want to line up in the most visited spots, then visiting the Podhomski rob vantage point is the right decision. The path starts in Bled or from the parking area in Podhom towards Hom and before ascending follow the signboard for Podhomski rob, to where leads a nice and not too steep path. Alternatively, you may take a hiking trail to the 834 metres high summit of mount Hom. From there, a well-marked path takes you to the Church of Saint Catherine, where you will witness an unforgettable view of Bled and Bled Castle on one side and of mount Krvavec and the Ljubljana Basin on the other. On the way back you can take a walk on the so called Podhomski rob passing picturesque pastures to your starting point in the parking area or you may head back to Bled.

Hiking trail: Hom >


4. Visit one of the oldest archaeological sites named Poglej Church


Poglejska cerkev Matevz Vukotic© Matevž Vukotič

You will probably be surprised by the fact that the Poglej Church is not a church in the true sense of the word, but rather a cave of glacial origin. In this area, archaeologists discovered stone tools from the older Stone Age, proving that early men lived in the Triglav mountain range. They also excavated a bronze coin and a ring, which are displayed in the museum of Bled Castle. Today, the Poglej Church is also very attractive for climbers, since there are 34 climbing routes available in this area with a difficulty ranging from 6a to 8c. From the arch of the cave there is a magnificent view of the Gorenjska plain, the Bled Corner, the Pokljuka plateau, mounts Rjavina and Triglav.

Hiking trail: Following the trails of Arnold Rikli - Ridge behind Pasji hrbet – Arnold's heights >

Cycling route: Northern brinks of Bled >


5. The Talež mountain pasture is an accessible destination for the entire family


Talez-Ribno-Bled-Anja-Smit© Anja Šmit

The Talež mountain pasture is one of the best known excursion points in the area of Bled, and certainly one of those places to which you will gladly return. Talež could easily be named a panoramic hill which is located on the edge of the Jelovica plateau. If you start by the Ribno bridge, there is a 45-minute walk to the hunting lodge on the top. In addition to enjoying the birds singing and the peacefulness, astonishing views of Lake Bled, Radovljica and the picturesque Karavanke mountain range will open up along the path. The path is not demanding and is suitable for the entire family. Talež is also an excellent destination for all cycling enthusiasts who will be amazed by the diverse, but also quite challenging path. On the top, in the shelter of the renovated hunting lodge, you can try their specialities or just take a moment and enjoy the breathtaking nature.

Hiking trail: Talež and Tolsti vrh >

Cycling route: On the hunters’ trail to the Jelovica plateau: Talež >


6. Sava Bohinjka (path between Ribno and Selo with the Ribno pond)


Sava_Bohinjka__Jost_Gantar_1920px.jpg© Jošt Gantar

You can start exploring the magnificent meanders of the Sava Bohinjka river by the bridge in the village of Ribno and first visit the picturesque Ribno pond. From there you can continue on roads and more remote footpaths all the way to the village of Selo and admire the playful Sava Bohinjka river along the way.

Cycling route: Stoječa veselica – long >


7. Gradišče (Bodešče) vantage point that will impress you


If you are looking for authenticity and isolation from the everyday hustle and bustle, then you can visit the Gradišče vantage point in the village of Bodešče, located at 499 metres above sea level. In the past, a prehistoric settlement was located here. At the end of the village of Bodešče you will be greeted by the Gradišče panoramic peak, which climbs steeply above the Sava Bohinjka river, while the parish church of Saint Lenart with its magnificent frescoes is located below it. The trip can be an excellent opportunity to feel the history and discover a lesser known corner of the Bled area. Gradišče is also a very popular spot for lovers of sport climbing.


8. Learn something new when visiting the wetlands near Bodešče


Povirje vzhodno od Bodešč© Anja Kikelj

Wetlands are increasingly more important in terms of nature conservation, since they are of key importance for drinking water supply as well as for biodiversity. We invite you to visit one of them near the village of Bodešče, where the Municipality of Bled set up an interpretation point as part of the “Mala barja – Marja” project. It is one of the rare remnants of wetlands in the area between the Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka rivers, boasting numerous tufa springs and rare plant and animal species. When visiting you will surely learn many interesting facts.


9. Are you enamoured by amazing views? Then you simply must visit Iglica!


Razgledna tocka Iglica Bohinjska Bela© Anja Kikelj

Iglica is located above the village of Bohinjska Bela and is far from being an ordinary vantage point. Rocky walls await you there, which are very popular among climbers among other things. In any case, Iglica provides opportunities also for other activities, since between its walls runs the Suha stream, which then flows into a 24-metre-high waterfall over a vertical wall. A pool, which is extended with a dam into a small artificial lake, also awaits you here. Water in it is cold all year round, this is why swimming is not possible; however, it certainly will not leave you indifferent due to its crystal colour and picturesque surrounding area.

Hiking trail: Over Iglica >


10. The charming village of Kupljenik with the Church of Saint Stephen


Kupljenik_Jost_Gantar (5)© Jošt Gantar

The village of Kupljenik spreads out on the right bank of the Sava Bohinjka river. In the centre of the village stands the pilgrimage church of Saint Stephen, renowned for blessing horses, since this was first mentioned in written sources already in the first half of the 16th century. Each year, on Saint Stephen's Day on December 26, the villagers revive this old tradition and organise the blessing of horses, which you may also attend. You can get there also by bicycle, since a challenging, mostly wooded trail with some gravel and asphalt sections takes you there from Bled. When visiting Kupljenik you will be definitely amazed by the scenic views of the landscape, Bled and the picturesque Alps in the background.

Hiking trail: Over Kupljenik >

Cycling route: Standing on pedals >


We recommend that you take the time and visit one of the hidden gems from our list on your next visit. You definitely won’t not be disappointed.

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