Church of St Catherine

You can reach the medieval church along the God's Trail and you can perhaps even find the remains of the treasure.

The village Church of St Catherine is located at a beautiful panoramic point in Hom near Zasip, and can be accessed along an ancient God's Trail. This Gothic style church from around 1400 has a built balcony from the start of the 16th century and various frescoes. The church was baroquised in the 18th century, which can be seen from the decorated altar, the presbytery dates back to the 17th century. The remains of the camp walls are still visible.

In the past, the church was well known for pilgrimages on St Catherine's Day (25 November) when people from all over the country went on a pilgrimage along the God's Trail to maintain sanity. Farmers from Zasip and Mužije sacrificed a cow named "bavha" to cater to pilgrims and local people.

Today, the church is known for treasure that was excavated in front of the church in the 19th century. During the withdrawal of Napoleon's army from Russia, a French general buried a military basket with money and jewels for the paid French soldiers at the site of the church. During the fights in northern Italy, the general was terminally wounded, so he passed on the secret about the basket to a friend, and the latter dug out the treasure with the help of two locals.