Pletna boat

Dive in the lake tradition and ride by pletna boat to the island.


You can ride on the lake and to the island in various ways, also on a traditional boat called pletna. Pletna boats are made by locals and are typical of Bled. Their origins date back to 1590. You should be able to recognize it from afar as it is equipped with a colourful awning which protects passengers from the sun and other weather conditions.



The boat is navigated by "pletnar", which is quite an esteemed vocation that cannot be done by anyone. During the reign of Maria Theresa the ownership rights for pletna boats were given to farmers who received poorer land for cultivation. The title of the pletna oarsman was handed down from generation to generation, which is why the profession of “Pletnarstvo” remained in individual families throughout the centuries. There are 23 pletna boats on the lake, "pletnarji" welcome visitors in the Spa Park, in front of Park Hotel, in Mlino and Velika Zaka.


What is a pletna boat?

It is a wooden flat-bottom boat designed according to the concept of the Venetian gondola boat, but it has its own features. It has a pointed bow and the stern widened with a step to enable passengers to enter. The boat is 7 metres long and 2 metres wide and it ensures safe navigation for 18 people. The boat is propelled with the special »stehrudder« technique where the oarsman is standing and rowing with two oars.

Origin of the name

There are several stories explaining the origin of the name. The first explanation says that the pletna boat gained its name after its roof which was once wickered ("pleten"). The other explanation claims that the name came from the German word »plateboot«, meaning flat-bottom boat.


  • Drive by pletna boat to Bled Island and enjoy the views opening before you.
  • Observe the villas along Lake Bled.
  • Explore the Bled Island.

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