Explore the paradise for nature buffs and experience the authentic culture of the largest Slovenian plateau.

About Pokljuka

The Pokljuka plateau is the largest rounded forest area in Triglav National Park, 20 kilometres long and almost 20 km wide. In the past, beech forests prevailed on the plateau stretching at an altitude of 1100 to 1400 metres, but they were almost completely deforested, because charcoal was made from beech wood, used as the main source of energy for iron ore melting furnaces.
Pokljuka is a very popular destination in all seasons due to its altitude, fresh air and energy points, which positively affect health and well-being. In winter, you can enjoy in skiing, ski touring, sledding and cross-country skiing. Every year, Pokljuka hosts the world biathlon cup and is therefore one of the most famous Slovenian plateaus. From spring to autumn, Pokljuka is a great destination for cycling, hiking and Nordic walking.


The diverse surface with karst features was strongly impacted by the Pokljuka glacier. Many peat bogs were formed, which are considered as the southernest high peat bogs in Europe and are very important from the ecological aspect, since they provide shelter to many plants and animals. Pokljuka boasts pine forests and grassland, many hidden precipices, sink-holes and small valleys are scattered on the entire plateau area.

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Wooden sheds covered with shingles are typical of the pastures of Pokljuka. Shepherds who made sour milk and other dairy products lived there in the past. The tradition of dairy production continues and grazing cattle can still be seen on some meadows in summer. You can buy home-made sour milk, cottage cheese and cheese.


  • Visit the nearby mountains, for the zealous hikers and mountaineers, the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav is the perfect choice.
  • Ride a bike to Pokljuka.
  • Saunter around the pastures and try home-made sour milk and cheese in summer.
  • Try out biathlon shooting.
  • Walk along the Goreljek Peat Bog Study Trail and learn about the special features and importance of peat bogs.
  • Go skiing or ski touring on Viševnik ski slopes.
  • Enjoy cross-country skiing at the venue of the biathlon world cup.
  • Or just go winter hiking or snow-shoeing.

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