Iglica Waterfall

Enjoy in the irresistible views of Bohinjska Bela.

24-metre-high waterfall is hidden in the cliffs of Iglica, right above Bohinjska Bela. The waterfall springs in Suha stream and falls over the vertical Permian Neoschwagerina limestone wall. The waterfall is set at the end of a natural stone hall and meanders on the wall to the pool that has been expanded with a dam to make a small artificial lake.

Activities at the waterfall

The waterfall ends in an artificial lake, where the water is very cold all through the year, because it runs over very cold rocks. After visiting the waterfall you can also walk along many surrounding hiking trails and view the area.
Bohinjska Bela sport climbing area is at the waterfall. The area provides walls of various difficulty levels, therefore, the climbing area is very appropriate for beginners and experienced climbers.


  • View the small charming Iglica Waterfall.
  • Climb to the panoramic point above the waterfall.
  • If you have appropriate equipment, try out your climbing skills at the climbing area.

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