Sava Bohinjka River

Walk along the Sava Bohinjka River and discover many cultural and natural sights.

The Sava Bohinjka River, which carved its way in the heart of the Julian Alps starts as the outflow from Lake Bohinj and ends near Radovljica, where it merges with Sava Dolinka River. From there, they both run as the largest Slovenian river - the Sava River. Near Bohinjska Bela, the river flows from a narrow valley to a wider plain, where it slows down and is soon surrounded by marshy meadows. The river also has some oxbows that are biodiverse, therefore, we can see flora and fauna adapted to such habitats.

The Sava Bohinjka River is popular for various activities, including rafting, kayaking or canoeing. The river is also very popular among fishermen, who catch mostly grayling, brown trout and rainbow trout. It is very interesting to walk along the river near Bled or explore the trails by bike.