Church of St Lenart

Discover the Gothic church that protected the village people against the Turks.

At the end of Bodešče village, below the Gradišče panoramic peak, rising steep above the Sava Bohinjka, you can find the parish Church of St Lenart. It is distinguished by the Gothic church architecture, star-shaped presbytery and decorations that combine various art periods. Frescoes surrounding the interior of the church, mostly originate from the first half of the 15th century, the church's nave is painted with frescoes form the beginning of the 16th century, the stand was made in Renaissance style, and the bell tower dates back to 1731.

The church is connected to a very interesting legend that speaks about the origins of the hole on the church door. The legend says that the village people closed themselves in the church during Turkish invasions to protect themselves against the Turks. The fire torched on the Gradišče hill above the church was a sign to warn about the arrival of Turks. At one of the invasions, a horse of the Turkish army punched into the door but the door was strong and did not open. The Turks went away thinking that there was no one in the church, the village people stayed safe and the hole made by the horseshoe can still be seen on the door. This event is commemorated every September by the culture association from Ribno, with a theatre play showing the times of Turkish invasions at the Church of St Lenart.