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A bottle of health

A jar of “chokebeet”

A pinch of happiness - a gift package containing salt with dried herbs in a wooden container

A pinch of happiness - salt with dried herbs

Andrec's happiness – fruit wine

Andrejček’s juice

Apple juice

Black apple – home-made chokeberry and apple marmalade

Blackcurrant magic – dried fruit purée

Bled Cheese

Bled cream cake

Bled honey

Chokeberry juice

Chokeberry magic powder

Chokeberry's kiss

Dry apple slices

Garden flower - a gift package containing a herbal tea blend with a hand-made mug

Garden flower - blended herbal tea

Goddess’s grace – blended herb tea

Goldhorn’s secret – blended herb tea

Hemp tea from under Jelovica

Hint of slices

Hot apple – hot chilli sauce

Jakob’s vinegar

Jonagold Apples

Julka’s spread

Neža’s dreams – fruit wine

Pr Taufo - House egg pasta

Princ brandies

Princ juices

Princ marmalades

Princ syrup

Quince candy – dried cooked fruit purée

Raspberry magic – dried fruit purée

Spring freshness - herbal iced tea

Strawberry marmalade

Tinkara’s jelly

Tr'glav - Tepkovec brandy

Violet symphony – honey with dry chokeberry