Statistical overview of important indicators in tourism in Bled is presented in order to serve as a basis for the preparation of marketing plans and articles about the destination.

M. Bozic, Sava Turizem© M. Bozic, Sava Turizem

Key figures

In 2019, 509,247 tourist arrivals (2.5% more than a year earlier) and 1,132,574 overnight stays (1.7% less than a year earlier) were generated in the municipality of Bled. Compared to 2018, the average length of stay decreased by 4% to 2.2 days. Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom remain the strongest markets. In August 2019, there were 9,051 beds available in Bled.


Tourist arrivals

Tourist arrivals and overnight stays in the municipality of Bled have increased significantly over the past ten years. In 2019 Bled generated 509.247 - 246% more arrivals than in 2009.


The majority of created arrivals have been generated between April and October 2019, when all the accommodation capacities are available. Most arrivals were generated in August and July, followed by June and September.


Tourist arrivals in 2020 and comparison with 2019 (January - August)

Tourist overnight stays in 2019 and comparison with 2018 

Tourist overnight stays

In 2019, 1.132.574 - 222% more overnight stays were created in Bled than ten years earlier, in 2009.


Overnight stays in 2020 and a comparison with 2019 (January - August)

Overnight stays in 2019 and a comparison with 2018

Market overview

In 2019, 96% of arrivals and overnight stays were generated by foreign guests. The three most important markets are Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, generating 7% (Italy), 10% (Germany) and 10% (UK) overnight stays in 2019. This is followed by the United States of America (6% of all overnight stays in 2019), Hungary and the Netherlands (5% of all nights), Slovenia and Israel (4%), South Korea, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria (3%).


An overview of tourist overnight stays by major markets in 2019 and a comparison with 2018

The data on arrivals and overnight stays are sourced from the official statistics released by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

Accommodation establishments capacity

Most of accommodation establishments capacities are available in August. Therefore we project data available in August 2019, when Bled had 8,921 permanent bedplaces. Most of them were offered in apartments (2,811), hotels (2,563) and campsites (1,150).

Accommodation was offered by 581 providers. The largest number by apartments (391), rooms, holiday houses or cottages (105) and hotels (23).


Accommodation establishments capacity overview - August 2019