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In our previous post, we talked about sustainability in general. Today, we will focus on safety, which is, in all its facets and aspects, one of its most important elements.

In the past, global safety and security were threatened by wars, natural disasters, unrest, crime, terrorism, ecological disasters. In recent years public safety has been undermined by climate change and in 2020 it was compromised further by the Covid-19 pandemic. Actually, it was with the pandemic that the term safety took on an entirely new dimension.

Health and safety are profoundly interrelated concepts which are gaining in importance in our daily lives, and also in tourism. Where will we travel this year, and will we travel at all? How safe is our holiday destination, how does it take care of the health of people there, how does it take care of its guests?

These questions are increasingly being asked but the topic of health and safety is not new. At least not in Bled. Here, the safety of the environment, food safety, and personal safety of people have always been at the heart of tourism and a top priority for the holiday destination and its providers (Read more).

The Slovenian Tourist Organization has made health and safety its first priority, and both values feature highly in the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (Read more). 

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The Covid-19 pandemic requires us to strengthen the health and safety aspects in a way that supports long-term assurance of both values. For this year, the scheme calls upon its destinations to draw up a long-term crisis plan which covers medical and other crises in addition to the standard natural disasters. Such plans would empower destinations to undertake a simpler, faster and more effective crisis response, regardless of whether they find themselves up against a medical emergency or a terrorist attack.

The epidemic has once again demonstrated the importance of sustainable development and clearly showed that development not based on sustainability principles will eventually become impossible. To this aim, the Green Scheme plans to organize training for tourism providers and DMO employees. The latest update on the Covid-19 in Slovenia is available here

In terms of sustainability criteria, Bled ranks among the top destinations in the world (Source). Still, sustainable development is a never-ending story which requires the engagement of all stakeholders – from the local community and the state to the destination guests and visitors (Read more).


The importance of staying informed

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If ever then at the time of the epidemic it has become clear how important it is to be informed, and even more so, that the recipients of information possess the knowledge and common sense that allows them to distinguish between junk information and reliable and trustworthy information. Bled as a destination strives to provide its local inhabitants and guests with up-to-date, accurate, and source-specific information about the Covid-19 epidemic situation in Slovenia and around the globe. The Slovenian Tourist Organization adheres to the same commitment.

As an industry, tourism is highly sensitive to crises, and in recent years it seems that the industry has been sliding from one crisis to another. The financial crisis, the epidemic, the climate change crisis. What is our answer?

Apart from a competent umbrella organization, a crisis also requires coordinated response from the civil protection service, healthcare, local community (municipality), the government and the providers of services, i.e. hotels and other hospitality providers. We are proud to say that when the epidemic struck, the Bled hotels paid special attention to the issue of health as their first priority.


Safe and healthy meetings and events

Bled rose hotel dvorana© Bled Rose hotel

The Bled Rose Hotel is the proud holder of the Safe and Healthy Meetings and Events Certificate. The hotel has adopted all standards to ensure a safe and healthy stay for its guests. In the certification process for acquiring the ‘Safe and Healthy Meetings and Events’ Certificate, the hotel has demonstrated its compliance with the criteria of the Slovenian Convention Bureau and received the certificate in two categories: ‘Safe Venue’ and ‘Safe Event Organizer’.

The event industry is aware that the concern for the health and safety of participants has become one of the most important priorities of every customer.

In cooperation with the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health, the Slovenian Convention Bureau has compiled a list of additional measures within the framework of ‘Safe and Healthy Meetings and Venues’ to enable event venues and organizers to acquire the certificate and the trust of their customers that they will provide the highest level safety and health in compliance with all standards and protocols.

Slovenia is one of the first European countries to have conducted certification of its members in this important area at the initiative of the Slovenian Convention Bureau.


Green for Tomorrow and the Hygiene Standard Plus

Sava hoteli Bled notranjost Photo MBozic© M. Božič

Sava Hotels Bled, one of the major accommodation providers in Bled, holds the Eco-daisy label and operates an in-house sustainability programme Green for Tomorrow

In response to the epidemic, the Sava Hotels introduced Hygiene Standard Plus, a set of new and improved hygiene standards. As they say, “Plus means that we have taken the hygiene recommendations issued by the National Institute of Public Health and upgraded them. Thermal imaging cameras have been installed at reception to measure the guests’ body temperature. Upon arrival, guests receive a personal protection kit, which includes a face mask and disinfectant. We also pay particular attention to disinfecting the surfaces in our hotel rooms. The technology we use is 100% effective against the coronavirus. This way, you can truly relax and devote all your time and energy to just enjoying your holiday.”

Stay healthy – we hope to see you back in Bled soon!


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Romana Purkart

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