Jellied cold-smoked trout

Restavracija 1906 Bled, Hotel Triglav Bled

Kolodvorska cesta 33, 4260 Bled

+386 (0)4 575 26 10


A gourmet experience with less calories.

Clear waters, teeming with life, run across Bled and its surrounding area. Among other fish, these waters are home to trout, which found themselves on the dishes of local people through centuries.

The 1906 restaurant follows the gastronomic tradition of Bled and the surrounding area. Their dishes represent Slovenian food prepared in a modern way. The ingredients are obtained from local suppliers who to a greater extent operate in a nature-friendly manner. 

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Restavracija 1906 Bled (Kolodvorska cesta 33, Bled)