Walks or short walks in the nearby vicinity represent a special quality of Bled as a touristic town.

Hiking trails

Despite the fact that the Bled landscape is well known and immediately recognisable by many, there are still plenty of joyful discoveries to be made here. It is not only the lake, the island and the castle but also many other small and hidden, intimate details, that are here to be discovered.

Strolls or short trips, in and around Bled, present a special quality of the town as a tourist place. Well-maintained footpaths will take you to lone hills above the lake. Views of the surroundings from the Castle Hill, Straža, Dobra Gora, Kozarca, Osojnica or Kuhovnica are especially breathtaking.



Amongst these magnificent surroundings, not to be missed, is the rich cultural and arhitectural heritage of the region - this can be seen, simply, when strolling through Bled.

Paths are clearly marked with directional signs, each bearing the name and the walking time of the trip, you can find illustrations of trip routes in the "Bled - A Tourist Map" (1:27.000), as well as in "Bled - hiking paths" (1:20.000). Maps are available in tourist agencies where you can also arrange for a guided tour.