Why Bled

Bled_Slovenia_kayak_photo_RozleBregar_Vizualist© Rožle Bregar

Why Bled?

Bled is among Slovenia’s leading meeting destinations for many reasons. It has been actively present on the world‘s conference map for over 30 years playing host to medium-sized corporate, association and governmental meetings, as well as frequent top-end sports events. Its location in Slovenia, in the heart of Europe, makes it easily accessible by air, road, and rail. Everything in Bled, including the excellent and constantly upgraded and modernised conference infrastructure, is within walking distance. Beautiful natural and cultural attractions stun visitors and provide a fantastic backdrop that enthuses and inspires. Business can be blended with pleasure, be it adventurous sporting activities, cultural exploration, superb cuisine or teambuilding programme. Its recognition as an alpine congress icon will forever remain in the memory of attendees.

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