Trans Karavanke MTB Trail

06.08.2021 | News

Bike trail Trans Karavanke© Aleš Fevžer,

The Trans Karavanke MTB Trail is a long-distance off-road trail in the vicinity of Bled. It lies north of Bled and leads along the Karavanke mountain range.

The Trans-Karavanke MTB Trail in Slovenia is a ride expected to take 5 days under the peaks of the Karavanke ridge, which may be tackled from both sides, the western side (Slovenia – Austria – Italy tri-border) near the Kranjska Gora ski resort and Planica ski jumping hill in the far north-western corner of Slovenia, or from the eastern side, from the Jezersko border crossing, where there is a mountain pass to Austria. In Austria, there are three flatter stages on local roads and going through villages.

The Trans Karavanke MTB Trail is a pure mountain-biking adventure with high-mountain single-track paths and spectacular views. The total length is 132 km, so daily stages are not too long, only up to 35 km, but believe us, they are not too short. They have enough ascents and technical sections where nobody can boast they average speed.

You can stay the night in mountain huts. Bled, which lies on approximately half the trail, is a good starting point and base for recuperating and enjoying yourselves at the end of the adventure, since the access to the trail is only a good half an hour away.

The trail is well marked with blue directional boards, and the mountain huts are also prepared to receive the cyclists, since mountain biking is extremely popular in Slovenia.

kranjska gora© Alan Kosmač, Sidarta d.o.o.,

Ride only where it is allowed

Whichever path you take, follow the markings. When not on a marked path, ride on paths suitable for cycling. Riding on mountain paths that are not marked for cyclists (blue-white marking) is not permitted in Slovenia.


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