Green meetings

Vrtnarija restaurant Garden village Bled Noah Charney© Boris Pretnar

Bled, the city renowned for its wealth of pure drinking water and thermal spa water, has shown its commit¬ment to environmentally friendly initiatives by moving towards the Zero Waste concept and we invite you to act in the same way when visiting this green oasis. Become part of a society of responsible consumers who don’t waste valuable resources, but rather prevent the generation of waste and make every effort to produce as little waste as possible. We believe that the hottest way you can do that is by hosting a green meeting at Bled!

They say tree houses are the ultimate return to the nature, so Garden Village Bled, an eco-tourist green resort located 300 m from Lake Bled, is certain to inspire you with its adventurous, romantic and exclusive spirit. A stream flowing through the restaurant Vrtnarija, enchanted tree houses, comfortable glamping tents, unbelievable pier tents, luxury apartments and a sauna above the stream… these are just some of the at¬tractions of Garden Village. The entire complex is designed in an eco-friendly way, built over an abandoned gardening space, this is a place where eco-conscious guests are more than welcome. The resort has its own spring with drinking water, a heat pump for heating, charging stations for electric vehicles and a garden. Fruit trees, vegetables and herbs are planted throughout the resort and are used in the restaurant Vrtnarija where their friendly team serves you the best of what the garden and local farms have to offer. To discover Bled in an eco-way, they offer rental bikes, e-bikes as well as balance bikes for children. When building the complex only sustainable materials were used, wooden surfaces constructed entirely from local wood, mainly larch. They promote sustainable practices and work hard to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

At Sava Hotels, they are committed to environmentally friendly initiatives. Each year they recycle more than half of the waste generated and the consumption of energy generating products and water decreases by the year. They claim that when choosing Bled for your meeting it means you are choosing a green meeting, which sends a clear message to your partners that your dedication to excellence includes social responsibility. Sava Hotels also favours Slovenian providers and the products developed by Sava Hotels for the purposes of environmental protection and raising awareness among hotel guests include the virtually carbon neutral natural water and a line of products marketed under the “Zeleni za jutri” name (Green for tomorrow).

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