The Bled Public Lido awarded the Slovenia Green Beach certificate


The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) has announced that Bled's public lido, Grajsko kopališče Bled, is the first bathing area in Slovenia to be awarded the Slovenia Green Beach certificate, which means that it is included in the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (More information). 

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The official award-giving ceremony will form part of the Green Day of Slovenia, which the STB traditioanlly organizes in May every year. The Blue Flag which Grajsko kopališče has been holding onto for a number of years has played a key role in the acquisition of the Slovenian Green Beach label. Jaka Bassanese from Infrastruktura, which manages the public lido, says that Grajsko kopališče has everything one could possibly desire for a lovely day spent outdoors.


Natural lido on the sunlit shore of Lake Bled shielded by the mighty castle rock

Schloss Strand Bled© Jošt Gantar

A total of 260 metres of lake shore offers everything guests might need for an unforgettable summer day: two waterslides, a jump board, plastic rafts on the lake, fenced pools with a depth of 50, 120 and 150 cm, a swing, playgrounds and a sandpit for children, kayaks, massage, table tennis, board games, 'books on vacation', deckchairs, sunshades, rich catering offer, and much more. The guests can use the tidy changing rooms, lockers, toilet areas, several outdoor showers, swimming area access for the elderly and people with disabilities. The international Blue Flag eco-label is a proof that the public lido operates in accordance with strict international standards regarding eco-friendly management, safety, cleanliness and good water quality. The public lido is managed by Infrastruktura Bled.


Bled is one of Slovenia’s Gold GSST Destinations


Bled is a ‘gold’ destination classified as such under the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. This year the destination will need to face another challenge, a recertification audit that will assess the destination’s compliance with 100 criteria. According to Jaka Bassanese, the people of Bled have always taken great care of their environment and sustainable development. “This is part of who we are. We are very sensitive about our environment, and this is the only way to go!”

The statement is confirmed by the results of an extensive survey carried out for the needs of the new sustainability strategy of the Bled Municipality, which is currently undergoing adoption. 

Harmonious coexistence of residents and tourists in the embrace of nature

prioritete bled strategija

1 Sustainable tourism
2 Efficient environment protection
3 High-quality infrastructure and effective utility service
4 Coexistence of all generations
5 Sustainable transport management
6 Spatial development compliance
7 Organic farming and local self-supply
8 Urban development


The survey shows that sustainable development of tourism and effective environment protection are among the top priorities for the local people.


Sustainable development of Bled is the only future-proof option

Radfahren Bled Im Herbst© Jošt Gantar

Despite the current crisis, the Bled Tourist Board as the umbrella tourism organization is aware that sustainability is the only way forward. Its director Tomaž Rogelj points our numerous sustainable projects that lay ahead. The central project is the construction of new cycling routes at the destination and in its wider community Julijske Alpe.

In the years 2018, 2019 and 2020, Bled issued a special leaflet that encourages visitors to act and live sustainably during their stay in Bled. Hosting guests from over 180 countries, Bled is a miniature universe, a hub of different cultures, customs and lifestyles. It is therefore very important that we share our vision and our expectations with them. The leaflet was followed by a promotional video about Bled as a zero-waste community (Read more)


Recertification audit of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism


In March, Bled is about to host a team of auditors who will conduct the recertification audit for the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. Destinations included in the scheme are subject to continuous reviews. Did you know that the implementation of sustainable development is measured against a total of 1000 criteria? They are divided into 6 sets, and for each of these sets, the destination has to describe and prepare documents in support of its sustainable actions. The Green Scheme will be presented in more detail in our next blog.


The southern relief road is getting closer

Blick auf den Lake Bled© Jošt Gantar

The Municipality of Bled was pleased to receive the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, which followed the proposal made by the Municipality and approved the Southern Relief Road project as a spatial measure of national importance.

Bled mayor Janez Fajfar said that 2018 was the breaking year for the project. In that year the Municipal Council and the representatives of the local clubs and societies, the Mlino civil initiative and other public representatives made a clear statement that Bled unanimously agrees that the construction of its southern relief road is urgently needed. “Then we informed the Slovenian public that the road was extremely important if we want the development of Bled to continue. Sustainable development is what Bled is aiming at, and such development is not possible without a properly protected lake basin and removal of traffic away from the lake basin,” says the mayor.

With the northern relief road already in operation, the southern relief road will provide Bled with a new connection that will move traffic away from the southern part of the lake basin and shorten the journey for those driving past Bled in the direction of Bohinj.

The other important point was the June meeting of the Municipal Council in 2019, when the Council reaffirmed the route specified in the 2013 Spatial Development Plan. At the same time the Municipality Bled also required a review of the Mlino civil initiative, which did not sustain expert evaluation. The Municipality of Bled has now set up an expert group which has agreed on the maximum mitigation measures to be applied in the final stretch of the route.

The construction works are expected to start in September 2021 with the roundabout at Betin.


Romana Purkart

Romana Purkart

Grüner Koordinator von Bled.