Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia


Bled – Postojna = 101 km

park skocjanske jame© Jošt Gantar,

The Karst region amazes with its wonders on and below the surface. Queen among karstic caves is the Postojna Cave which together with the Predjama Castle forms one of the largest Slovenian attractions. The Unesco-protected Škocjan Caves will astonish you with the largest underground canyon, whereas the intermittent Cerknica Lake will excite you with its whimsical nature. Lipica will astound you with its white Lipizzan horses. Štanjel is a karstic architectural gem. This is the homeland of the Karst Teran wine and Karst Prosciutto ham.


Nova Gorica and the Vipava Valley

Bled – Vipava = 125 km

vipava valley cycling© Jošt Gantar,

The Vipava Valley is a world of culinary delights and various activities during all seasons. The valley excites with its authentic stone villages of Vipavski križ and Goče, traces of the Romans in Ajdovščina and Vipava, the Vipava river with a unique delta spring and the largest number of indigenous wine varieties in Slovenia. Nova Gorica is a young city in the middle of two cultures. The Solkan Bridge with the largest stone arch in the world dominates the surrounding area. The Kostanjevica Monastery is known for a crypt of the House of Bourbon.



Bled – Ankaran = 153 km

sto aktivnosti v istri debeli rtic kajaki© Jaka Ivančič,

Ankaran is the starting point of the Slovenian coast. The Debeli rtič landscape park is a renowned coastal spa due to its beneficial climate. Those who are explorers at heart will be excited by the Shells Cemetery with shells of 234 species of all the sea snails in the Gulf of Trieste and by the St. Bartholomew Bay with remnants from ancient times. The Monastery of St. Nicholas is located by the tourist complex in Ankaran, which had numerous different roles through history and is today converted into a hotel.



Bled – Koper = 155 km

koper main market© Tadej Bernik,

Visit the city of a hundred suns, embellished by medieval Venetian edifices. Aquatic adventures await you in Žusterna, and the protected salt marsh of the Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve is only a stone's throw away. The green countryside will surprise you with its rich cultural heritage and selected Istrian flavours. Hrastovlje will attract you with its famous Danse Macabre or Dance of Death, the Socerb Castle with its gorgeous views of the coast, and Marezige with its Refosco wine festival. And the Karst Edge is a true paradise for climbers.



Bled – Izola = 159 km

izola seaside town© Jacob Riglin, Beautiful Destinations,

Izola is a town built on a former island with a rich fishing tradition. Walking through the charming streets you will be accompanied by the scent of seafood delicacies, complemented by excellent olive oil and wine from Izola’s countryside. Residents of Izola are defined by their connection with the sea and you may connect with the azure Adriatic Sea on one of the many beaches. Awaken your spirit of exploration by visiting the archaeological site in Simon’s Bay, diving to the sunken Rex transatlantic cruise ship or by visiting town palaces.


Portorož - Piran

Bled – Piran = 170 km

piran sunset© Jošt Gantar,

Portorož is the cosmopolitan centre of social life on the coast and provides a unique wellness offer. The historical Piran will enchant you with its romantic stories, imposing wall and its most famous fellow resident – the virtuoso Tartini. The lively Portorož and the romantic Piran are connected by salt, since they are surrounded by salt pans. Salt is still being manually produced at the Sečovlje Saltworks according to a several hundred years old method. The path from the saltworks will take you to the highest flysch cliff on the Adriatic coast, located in the Nature Park Strunjan.