Prgovc burger

Simon Osterc s.p.

Triglavska cesta 1a, 4260 Bled

+386 (0)41 582 458

A popular street dish made from dried-pear buns and local Bled ingredients.

If you are a fan of gourmet burgers, then you must stop at Mega Burger in Bled and try their speciality - the Prgovc Burger.

When preparing the buns, they partly use “prga” flour made from dried Tepka pears, which are native to the nearby village of Zasip. Bacon mascarpone is spread on the bread and fresh Bled cheese is added. The burger is garnished with chicory and lamb's lettuce and enriched with dry Tepka pears and, to top it all off, with 100% beef roasted just right.

The Prgovc Burger is a simple but sophisticated way of combining modern flavours with the tradition of Bled.