Rikli's cream cake

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A delicious cream cake with chocolate topping from Rikli's time in a modern guise.

Did you know that the famous Bled cream cake also has an older sister? It was brought to Bled by the Swiss healer Arnold Rikli, who, despite his strict diet rules, allowed his patients a small treat from time to time.

This layered dessert made of puff pastry and egg cream with the addition of sweet cream and apricot jam was small, but big enough to give Rikli's guests some energy and will to continue the therapy.

On the 200th anniversary of the birth of the famous healer, the Institute of Culture Bled and the company Conditus, in cooperation with Rikli's expert Vojko Zavodnik, revived this dessert in a more modern guise with chocolate topping and a medallion bearing Rikli's signature. Now it's waiting for you to try it.