Hom flat cake

Jurček Hom d.o.o.

Grajska cesta 34, 4260 Bled

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The flat cake which the Bled castle lords also grew fond of.

When you head toward Hom, try their Hom flat cake at the Jurček diner and pizzeria. Did you know that it was adored also by the castle lords? Legend tells about the castle lord’s daughter, who liked to watch fish. One day, she went into the wild Vintgar Gorge. The path through the gorge was too dangerous for her and at first her cries for help could not be heard due to the raging Radovna River. Only in the evening, when the first stars lit up, she was heard by a young shepherd who saved her and offered her a piece of his excellent flat cake. After returning safely to the castle, her father offered his daughter's hand to the shepherd and a wedding feast followed, where there was no shortage of the delicious (Hom) flat cake, the same offered to the castle lord’s daughter by the shepherd. We are sure that you too will be tempted by the tasty Hom flat cake.

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Café Jurček Hom (Zasip, Rebr 29, Bled)