Quince candy – dried cooked fruit purée

Mateja Reš, nosilka dopolnilne dejavnosti na kmetiji

Zgornje Gorje 37a, 4247 Zgornje Gorje

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A sweet made of an almost forgotten fruit calling to be rediscovered.

Quinces almost disappeared from our plates and orchards. This delicious and fragrant fruit has several positive effects on health and with its aroma and texture, which develop only during thermal processing, it becomes an even more delicious and healthy snack. The growers at the Garden of tastes have prepared a quince cheese, adding less sugar as usually required by the recipe, and sharpening the flavour with lemon juice. And while you are slowly chewing it, a wonderful palette of flavours develops from merely three ingredients! Let us just give you a tip – the quince candy is excellent even when our throat is itching.

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