Knitted socks

Pr Taufo - Thomas Černe, nosilec dopolnilne dejavnosti na kmetiji

Poljšica pri Gorjah 44 B, 4247 Zgornje Gorje

+386 (0)31 67 87 22


A pleasant warmth from natural Slovenian sheep wool for your legs.

Natural sheep wool has the characteristic of warming you in the winter, and cooling you in the summer. It is no wonder that knitted socks are popular in all seasons. You may wear them instead of slippers, and are a perfect fit for hiking shoes.

Housewives used to knit socks only from natural sheep wool treated in the local environment. Mrs. Rezka from the Pr’Taufo farm in Gorje faithfully follows this sock-knitting tradition, and uses only natural wool, which is not industrially treated, for her knitwear.

Points of sale


Jesenice Market (Cesta Franceta Prešerna 53a, Jesenice)