1906 soup

Restavracija 1906 Bled

Kolodvorska cesta 33, 4260 Bled

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Soup with dried porcini mushrooms, royal chanterelles, bacon from the Mlinarič butchery from Lesce, and buckwheat gruel.

Taste the excellent mushroom soup, prepared according to the recipe of Nežka Zrimec, great-grandmother of the owner of the Triglav Hotel, Zdravko Rus, and upgraded with the modern innovation of hotel chefs. The soup was named after the year 1906, which in the culinary world represents an important year, while at the same time being the year in which the Triglav Hotel opened its doors for the first time.


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Restavracija 1906 Bled (Kolodvorska cesta 33, Bled)