Pear-pomace rolls

Gostilna Kurej

Blejska cesta 6, 4260 Bled

+386 (0)8 380 54 88


Rolls in which the “Tepke” pears have the “main role”.

According to legend, the wise empress Maria Theresa prevented famine in the Bled region by ordering farmers to plant pears, whoever disobeyed was beaten (“tepen” in Slovenian), hence the name “Tepka”. “Tepke” pears were used by housewives from the Zasip village for centuries, and the flour made of these pears is called pomace.The Kurej inn prepares exquisite rolls filled with minced cooked “Tepke” pears, home-made cottage cheese, herbs and spices. 

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Gostilna Kurej (Blejska cesta 6, Zasip)