Exhibition at the Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre

Visit the info centre and admire the exhibited images of the wonderful nature of Gorenjska and Triglav National Park.

Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre is a regional tourist and nature protection centre of Bled, Gorenjska and Triglav National Park. The centre is the place where nature, tastes, scenery and events in the area below Triglav mountain are brought together.

It is open every day and provides information to visitors. The centre also features:

  • permanent exhibition Paradise below Triglav,
  • multi-media hall,
  • hiking and tourist information, information about Triglav National Park,
  • shop that features local products, unique gifts, literature on nature and maps,
  • café/snack bar with local products,
  • various events, workshops and occasional exhibitions.

Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre presents the values and offer of the destination, and invites visitors to relax and enjoy in all featured contents.

Photo exhibition

The main highlight at the Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre is the permanent exhibition of Gorenjska, Natura 2000 areas and Triglav National Park, featuring an extensive multi media presentation. The exhibition presents the world beneath Triglav, the heritage of towns in Gorenjska and bio-diversity of meadows, forest plateaus, fields and alpine world. Triglav, which can be viewed from any part of Gorenjska, is the main motif of the exhibition and the centre itself, alpine waters are featured as the main element of collaboration and life. Modern and attractive exhibition along water lines of the landscape presents nature, cultural landscape and people, and invites visitors to experience the paradise beneath Triglav.

© Matevž Lenarčič, www.slovenia.info

Film: At Home Beneath Triglav

The exhibition ends with an exceptional documentary entitled "At Home Beneath Triglav". Its author, world renowned aviator and photographer Matevž Lenarčič, filmed the entire film from the air, i.e. in an ultra light air plane. The picturesque landscape is presented from bird's eye perspective, showing the natural richness and hidden corners, thus inviting you to visit the mountains and valleys of this beautiful land.


  • See the interesting exhibition about Gorenjska and Triglav National Park at Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre and get inspired for other tours.
  • View the temporary exhibition at the info centre.
  • Find more information by talking to the staff at the Triglavska roža Bled Info Centre.
  • Pick a local souvenir.
  • Before exploring further, relax in the café and enjoy the ambience.

Worth visiting