A green letter to all friends of Bled

08.03.2023 | News

Bled castello primavera© Jošt Gantar

Bled is one of the most beautiful places of Slovenia, of which we Slovenians are extremely proud, and people visiting Slovenia want to visit it, regardless of where they are visiting and regardless of the purpose of their visit.


We are building the southern bypass!

This year, one of the most important constructions in the history of Bled began, namely the construction of the southern bypass road, which will direct transitional traffic towards Bohinj, away from Lake Bled and away from the centre of Bled. The investor of the project is the Republic of Slovenia. Due to the construction, the traffic on the road entering Bled will be in two narrowed lanes, we therefore ask for your understanding. This road is extremely important for Bled, as it will enable the renovation of the sewage system on the Ljubljanska cesta road and the closure of the lake basin for motorised traffic.


The sidewalk in Mlino will be renovated in autumn

On one of the most visited trails by the lake, between the Mlino tunnel and the village of Mlino, the sidewalk above the surface of Lake Bled will be demolished. The sidewalk will be rebuilt in autumn, because half of the road needs to be closed due to the construction works, which cannot be done during the summer. The sidewalk is narrow, so please walk carefully!


A sensitive environment requires careful and mindful use

The entire Municipality of Bled has just under 8000 residents, and Lake Bled has a circumference of only six kilometres. These two facts alone suggest that space in Bled is limited and highly sensitive. The water in Lake Bled is replaced once every four years, while the water in Lake Bohinj is replaced four times a year.

We respect and love our place and the environment in which we live, and we ourselves bear the greatest responsibility to preserve this beautiful and precious place for future generations. We respect the lake’s rules of conduct, so we kindly ask all visitors to do the same – we bathe in the well-kept Castle Bathing Area, which is also a proud holder of the Blue Flag and a member of the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism, or in other bathing areas, especially in Velika Zaka.

The lakeside parks are not intended for sunbathing and swimming, but instead offer a varied park arrangement intended for walking and enjoying the views of Bled, and at the same time they support the lake with their vegetation. The meadow in Njivice, by the road from Velika Zaka to Mlino, is not mowed in the summer, as the meadow provides shelter for animals, especially food for ducks and swans.

The locals prefer walking or cycling around Bled, and in the summer free bus transportation is also available. Follow our example!

Bled Lake Autumn walk © Jošt Gantar

Bled is a golden destination of the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism, and we are especially proud to have been part of the Zero Waste Project for many years. Of course, this does not mean that we are already a waste-free society, but we are working very hard toward achieving this goal. Along the walking paths, you will find bins for separate waste collection, which are regularly emptied by employees of our public utility company Infrastruktura Bled. Please, separate your waste! In any case, the best waste is the one that doesn't exist.

Clean drinking water is one of the things we are most proud of in Bled. We are fortunate that our tap water is some of the highest quality and cleanest drinking water in this part of the world. Residents of Bled do not buy bottles and bottled water, but pour it from the tap. By Lake Bled, you will find drinking fountains where you can easily pour yourself cold water from the Radovna river, which quenches your thirst more than all bottled waters combined!


Natural and cultural heritage sites – announce your arrival!

Bled_jesenske_Jost_Gantar_VELIKA (70)© Jošt Gantar

Bled is also Bled because of all its natural and cultural heritage sites. Bled Island, Bled Castle, the Festival Hall, the Castle Bathing Area, the summer sledding run on mount Straža and the nearby Vintgar Gorge are attractions that every visitor of Bled would want to visit.

Bled Castle is one of the top cultural and tourist attractions in Slovenia. As a cultural monument of national importance and rich history, it is one of the best-preserved and renovated castles around. Visitors can always find interesting experiences within its mighty walls. The Festival Hall by the lake promenade is still today, just as it was in the past, a venue for high-end events and a meeting place for lovers of culture.

We invite you to plan your visit and book your ticket in advance! This will avoid unnecessary crowding and make it easier for tour operators to manage everything. 

We wish you a nice summer and thank you for being our guests!

Your Bled