Spa Park

Find your green haven and relax in the Spa Park.

The Spa Park is located above the promenade by Lake Bled. The park was designed by brothers Matevž and Jože Čop during the construction of the Spa House in 1891. An elegant pavilion, occasionally hosting musical and other events, is located in the middle of the park. 

The park is adorned by groves of apicultural flora and a beehive with hand-painted beehive panels at its edge, which is a gift to beekeeping in Bled and its surroundings.

A playground with a wooden castle has been constructed for the joy of children. In warmer months and during festivities, a handicraft fair comes to life in the park, where you may find various products made by local and visiting artisans.

A memorial plaque dedicated to Arnold Rikli, which was placed to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Natural Health Institution of Bled, is displayed in the park.