ART SHIVA travel bag

6.element ft. ART SHIVA (AS Unikat & Ph RED)

Blejska cesta 3, 4260 Bled

00386 (0)70 653 393


This unique handmade product is a tribute to the former Vezenine Bled embroidery factory.

In the past, many people in Bled and its surroundings earned their living at Vezenine Bled. It has its roots in 1924, when the Slovene and Swiss Embroidery Factory was established. Even though the factory is gone, the nostalgia and the craftsmanship remain.

Local designers Andreja Stržinar and Tadeja Zupan, who areassociated with the brand ART SHIVA, decided to create a travel bag that is atribute to the former factory and that would take the name of Bled and Vezenine to the world.

Andreja Stržinar is included in the Register of Intangible Heritage as the main name of the “Creation of traditional costumes” category. Tadeja Zupan works, among other things, as aproducer and host of talks about the intersections of creativity, cultural heritage, science and energy.