Bled basket

PleteNina - ročna dela, Nina Soklič s.p.

Bodešče 25, 4260 Bled

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A woven basket for bread and bakery products, as used by housewives for feasts.

If you are greeted by a housewife at the entrance to an old farmhouse with a cup or a basket of bread and salt, know that this is an old custom of welcoming guests. You could smell freshly baked bread from a wood-fired oven and carefully placed in woven baskets on other occasions and holidays as well. On Easter, the basket was also used to carry painted eggs.

Today, Nina Soklič from Bodešče, a village in the immediate vicinity of Bled, also weaves versatile baskets. You can serve any of the delicacies from the Bled Local Selection in this basket.