Beekeeping experience

Čebelarstvo Ambrožič

Selo pri Bledu 26, 4260 Bled

+386 (0)41 22 74 07


Discover everything about the life and usefulness of bees and their products.

How well do you know bees? If you visit Kral's apiary in the settlement of Selo pri Bledu, you will surely learn a lot about the beekeeper's tradition, life and importance of bees. You will get to know their products, from various types of honey to pollen and propolis. In the apiary you can feel the beneficial effect of the air’s aroma and the buzzing of bees on our health and well-being. On the apiary itself you can admire a unique expression of folk art – hand-painted beehive panels. In short, an amazing experience of bee tourism, rated with the highest rating of 3 bees.