Apple chips

Kmetija Matijovc – Janko Jeglič, nosilec dopolnilne dejavnosti na kmetiji

Podbrezje 192, 4202 Naklo

+386 (0)41 53 85 83

A snack that you may enjoy without any guilty conscience.

Apple chips from the Marijovc farm is the right solution when you crave a snack. A healthy and tasty snack made from apples growing in orchards in Podbrezje, just a few kilometres away from Bled, and produced in a nature-friendly manner. The quality of the apples is also being evidenced by the Selected Quality of Slovenia certificate. So, have some Matijovc chips without any guilty conscience.

Points of sale


Garden Village Bled (Cesta Gorenjskega odreda 16, Bled)


Matijovc Farm (Podbrezje 192, Naklo)