Jakob’s vinegar

Pr´Andreco - Tilen Soklič, nosilec dopolnilne dejavnosti na kmetiji

Krnica 70, 4247 Zgornje Gorje

+386 (0)41 52 70 58

Nothing beats a good salad with home-made apple vinegar.

Apple vinegar is one of the most popular “condiments” for salads. Particularly if it is natural and made at home. The Pr'Andreco family is well aware of this, and has created a tasty vinegar or “jes’h”, as is called in the Gorenjska region, from slices of home-grown apples. The vinegar was named after the nephew Jakob.

Points of sale


KGC Store - Agricultural and Forestry Cooperative Store, Gozd Bled (Za Žago 1a, Bled)


Bled Market (Ljubljanska cesta 15a, Bled)