Princ juices

Kmetija Princ - Franc Jakob Pušavec, nosilec dopolnilne dejavnosti na kmetiji

Hudo 1, 4290 Tržič

+386(0)41 74 76 23


A taste of nature in every glas.

The orchard of the Prince family sun-bathes on the steep sunny slopes under Dobrča overlooking Bled, which have been cultivating a special relationship toward nature through generations.  Excellent natural apple juices, to which other natural ingredients from the fields and the garden are also added – carrot, elderberry and various home-grown fruits and berries, are produced from apples grown in high-stemmed orchards.

Juices bearing the Bled Local Selection certificate:

  • apple juice,
  • carrot and apple juice,
  • pear and apple juice,
  • apple juice with elderflowers,
  • chokeberry and apple juice,
  • strawberry and apple juice,
  • cornel cherry and apple juice,
  • blueberry and apple juice,
  • blackcurrant and apple juice,
  • apricot and apple juice,
  • elderberry and apple juice,
  • Williams pear and apple juice,
  • cherry and apple juice,
  • “Tepke” pear and apple juice,
  • raspberry and apple juice.

Points of sale


KGC Store - Agricultural and Forestry Cooperative Store, Gozd Bled (Za Žago 1a, Bled)