Let’s connect

Mulej vizije d.o.o.

Gradnikova 12, 4260 Bled, Slovenija

+386(0)41 341 359


Line of ceramic products with hand-painted illustrations and a 12-carat gold plating.

What experience you should have if you marry in Bled? One of the traditions is the groom carrying the bride up the 99-step staircase on the Bled Island and the newly-weds ringing the wishing bell in the church on top. However, another Bled “ingredient” is necessary in order for the wedding to be successful - according to an old custom, the newly-weds must both eat from one plate.  This ritual should be performed on plates from the Let’s connect line of ceramic products created with love by designer Anamarija Mulej.


  • Harmony: A bigger everyday cup with a plate: for tea, white coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Poetry: A ceramic plate with inspiring cards for creative thinking.
  • Symphony: 3-piece set: A serving and a dessert plate with a bowl for soup, salad or cereal.
  • Duet: A set of smaller cups with plates for tea or coffee.


Points of sale


Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled (Ljubljanska cesta 27, Bled)