Nežka’s roast beef

Restavracija 1906 Bled

Kolodvorska cesta 33, 4260 Bled

+386 (0)4 575 26 10


The roast beef with the Carnolian sausage of the Mlinarič butchery from Lesce and blueberries, cottage cheese rolls with dry “Tepke” pears of the Matijovc farmstead in the Podbrezje village, bone marrow sauce, parsley root cream.

Try the delicious roast beef mixing Bled’s tradition and modern gastronomy.  Not far from the railway station, at the Triglav Hotel, chefs took the hotel's owner great-grandmother's recipe and perfected it, thus creating an excellent dish which will enrich your journey around Bled and its immediate area.


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Restavracija 1906 Bled (Kolodvorska cesta 33, Bled)