Hazelnut “potica” cake with figs from Bled Island

Potičnica - Blejski otok d.o.o.

Blejski otok, 4260 Bled

+386 (0)51 320 590


Visiting the Bled Island is a holiday. Bled Island – a place of pilgrimage. A place for spiritual and physical revitalisation.

In Slovenia, the “potica” is baked for holidays.  On Bled Island it is baked every day. The smell of a freshly baked potica greets our guests when they enter the Bled Island Cake Bakery. Here we prepare and bake the potica using various fillings. In addition to the trade-mark walnut potica, try our special versions: the HAZELNUT POTICA WITH FIGS and the DRY “TEPKE” PEARS POTICA. They are based on ingredients that can also be found on the Bled Island – hazelnuts, figs and “Tepke” pears. 

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Potičnica (Bled Island)