Product line: Bled's bird of paradise

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A product line reviving the archaeological find of a peacock-shaped clasp.

A clasp in the shape of a peacock, which was unearthed in Pristava under Bled Castle, belongs among the most interesting finds in Bled and dates back to the 6th century. The peacock, which adorns the paradise garden, represent a bird of paradise and symbolizes the source of life and richness, embodies Bled of the past, present and future. The original artefact is kept in the National Museum of Slovenia. Huberto Široka revived the archaeological find. Whoever wears it, passes on its story to the world.

The product line bearing the Bled Local Selection certificate includes pendants, magnet, broaches, pins, framed paintings, busts, mugs, t-shirts and envelope knives.

When sadness hits you, caress
Bled's bird of paradise It will put a smile 
on your face, and everything
becomes brighter. Be happy. 

Huberto Široka



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Huberto Široka - atelje (Cesta svobode 19, Bled)


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