ARikli App

Following the trails of Arnold Rikli.

Already in the second half of the 19th century, the Swiss healer Arnold Rikli knew how to find contact with nature and thus contact with himself.  Water, sun, air, a proper diet and positive thinking! Are you not sure where to go and how to get there? You are welcome to join us on the trail – barefoot on dew, you will be assisted by application!

The ARikli app will lead you on some of the long forgotten Rikli’s trails, which we managed to bring to life and prepare just for you with the aid of modern technology! A real adventure through which you will be able to discover Rikli’s heritage, connected to the magnificent Bled area, all year round and with all your senses. Let us give you a hint – the app will guide you to his cultural heritage in Bled as well as to the essence of his treatment – discovering yourselves through nature and all that it offers.  



You may get the app in the Google Play app store for Android OS users or Apple Store for iOS users. The app may be installed only on mobile devices that support augmented reality (AR) functionality.

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Already in 1881 Arnold realised that no body rejuvenation can occur without the help of air, light, water, a proper diet and exercise, and that health cannot be purchased in a pharmacy.  


Join us!

And if you feel like you have a Rikli in yourselves, we have prepared an authentic experience taking place every Wednesday all year round.